5 Fab Black Friday Fitness Finds

We’re knee-deep in “the holiday season” now & the Black Friday sales have begun. Are you ready to shop?

Whether you’re brave enough to sit in the hours-long Black Friday lineups in-store or you stay up late to grab the deals online at 12:01 a.m., you’ll want to check out the hottest items. But how do you wade through the sales to find them? To save you time, I’ve put together a list of some awesome fitness items that are great for gifting (or just keeping for yourself!). Click on any image below to start your Black Friday holiday shopping spree!

Water Bottle
Having an awesome water bottle will make you more likely to carry it with you, meaning you’ll be sure to reach your daily water intake!
This one is not only funny, but comes with 2 different sport tops so it’ll work with whatever fit-fun you’re up to!

Personal Massager
After a hard workout, especially after weightlifting, your muscles HURT SO GOOD. Soothe the pain (and bliss out a little) with a massage system. Why is this one awesome? It has 8 settings and it super-adjustable so it can be used on your neck/shoulders, lower back, feet, and even your abs!

Resistance Bands
These have been around for ages, but they’re crazy-trendy right now! I started using them 2 weeks ago and I’m already seeing visible changes in my butt and thighs! (And hey, FYI: if you’re following along with my workouts, we’ll be using them non-stop come January. So grab yours now!)
Heads-up: They do roll at first and will drive you bonkers for awhile…but they’ll eventually flatten as they get worked in (more motivation to use them more often, right?!)



Novelty Tank Tops
Workout apparel is a great motivator – or a great conversation-starter with that cutie at the gym, winkwink. Look for tanks that are not just funny, but also breathable and comfortable.



Weightlifting Gloves
I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing mine in most of my sweaty selfies – weightlifting gloves are my SAVIOUR! They make it so much easier to pick up my dumbbells & they help to keep my hands from sore before my muscles my do. Look for some that are moisture-wicking, durable, ventilated, and with adjustable closures.





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