3 Ways to Add Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule


    1. Set goals, both short-term and long-term
      Having a long-term fitness goal in mind is important. It gives you something to work towards and be excited about, so you’ll actually want to fit it in. Perhaps your long-term goal is to run next spring’s local 5K. Make short-term goals that take less than 6 weeks to accomplish & help you reach your long-term goal. Your short-term goals could include drinking more water daily, walking 1K every night after dinner, or taking the stairs in your office.
    2. Every little bit counts Think you have NO time to get any calorie-burning done? WRONG! Go for a walk (even around the office) on your lunch break. Do 10 squats in the washroom every time you go or do calf-lifts while cooking. Have a can’t-miss TV program? Alternate push-ups and crunches at every commercial break. Find the small pieces of time in your day that you’re idle & add a bit of fitness in. 
    3. Enlist a success partner
      When you’re accountable to someone else, it’s more difficult to give up. Change your daily BFF-phonecall to a walk or bike ride together & make it a permanent date. Talk to your spouse or partner and explain how important this is to you. Maybe they could take over making the kids’ lunches to give you 30 minutes to yourself each day. Or come up with ideas to get the entire family involved: group swimming, living room dances, walk the dog together, or even chores.